13. A Glimpse of Smoke Compels My Eye to Blossom: Matthew Brown

12. Western Eyes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; or Fetish?: Jen Aitken, Ryan Amadore and Jeremy Green

11. Orbiculus: Andrew Dadson & Jonathan Syme

10. Famous Last Words - An Exhibition in Two Parts - Act Two:Too Late For Fruit, Too Soon For Flowers: Adam Gandy

09. In Conversation: Kevin Hubbard

08. Hot Springs: Nicolas Sassoon

07. Addition and Subtraction: Andreas Breunig, Max Frintop, Behrang Karimi, David Ostrowski, Michail Pirgelis, Lukas Schmenger, Jana Schroeder, Philip Seibel, Chris Succo and Sven Weigel

06. Slump: Jasmine Reimer

05. Morning Light Is The Best Light: Les Ramsay

04. Never Before Ever Again: Nathalee Paolinelli

03. Famous Last Words - An Exhibition in Two Parts - Act One: Now Comes Good Sailing: Adam Gandy

02. In the Corner, Behind the Wall: Sean Alward

01. No Sex No Life: AIDS-3D, Milano Chow, Colleen Heslin, Jeff Ladouceur, Marina Roy, Nicolas Sassoon, Aurel Schmidt and Lucas Soi